Pressure washer maintenance tips by

Pressure washer maintenance tips by

The emergence of high-pressure cleaners has solved many of our cleaning problems. Herein, is providing a High-pressure washer, which can complete stubborn stains that are difficult to clean by manpower. But such problems cannot be solved if the water gun pressure is insufficient. High-pressure cleaners are widely used in airports, Olympic venues, municipal, urban railways, factory production workshops, purification workshops, food processing, electric power, semi-open-air plazas, underground parking lots, building passages, and other venues in top five-star hotels around the world.

Things to consider for the maintenance of your pressure washer:

After using the pressure washer to provide us with efficient cleaning work, don't forget to perform daily maintenance on it. As a kind of convenient cleaning equipment, the high-pressure washer needs to be properly used and maintained. If it is operated in strict accordance with the correct aspects during use, it can maintain a good operating condition. This extends the life of your pressure washer. Thus, make it more durable and save for you a lot of money.

The daily maintenance of the high-pressure cleaner mainly includes the following points:

  1. Before using the high-pressure washer, rinse the water pipes and the inside of the equipment against rust and impurities.
  2. Please use clean tap water directly from the faucet to the machine for water supply, and avoid injecting tap water containing sand particles and other impurities during use.
  3. After using the pressure washer, rinse the hose and filter that goes into the detergent to remove any detergent residue to help prevent corrosion, then remove the rubber hose and high-pressure hose from the pressure washer.
  4. Protect the high-pressure washer from corrosion with a protective kit when the high-pressure washer is not used.
  5. It is forbidden to place the high-pressure washer in an environment with a temperature lower than 0 degrees Celsius to prevent the remaining water from freezing.
  6. The oil must be changed after the first 50 hours of operation of the water pump, and the oil should be changed after the first 1000 hours of operation.
  7. Due to working in a high-pressure environment, nozzle wear is inevitable, so it must be replaced in time. Properly lowering the pressure can prolong the service life of the nozzle and high-pressure water pipe.
  8. Regularly check the normal working state of the fog components, whether the connecting parts and fasteners are installed correctly, and ensure that there are no faulty parts in the equipment.


To sum up, there are many situations that lead to an insufficient water pressure of high-pressure cleaners. This is mostly due to problems with some accessories. So, we should pay attention to the maintenance of accessories in daily use, and carry out when problems occur. The above is a brief introduction to the maintenance and maintenance of high-pressure cleaners. In short, it is necessary to analyze, and troubleshoot in a timely manner, truly master how to use the high-pressure cleaner. And perform regular maintenance according to regulations, so that the high-pressure cleaner is often in good condition. So, that its service life can be effectively extended.