Woman Shames Her Fiance For Installing A Fridge Safe To Protect Chocolate From Her

Sure, true love can move mountains, but it doesn’t extend to sharing food. That’s what one woman realized when her husband-to-be went to extreme measures to stop her from eating his delicious snacks.

Stacey Lowe became a sensation online after she posted a rant about when her husband-to-be and father of her child Dave installed a safe in the family fridge to keep her from munching on his snacks. I fully understand hiding a few chocolate bars underneath the bed so that your loved one doesn’t take them, but a safe with a combination might be going a bit overboard.

One guy installed a fridge safe to protect his snacks…

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…but his girlfriend didn’t like that one bit!

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Stacey’s post on Facebook went viral, getting more than 52,000 likes at the time this article was written. It also got more than 113,000 comments and over 59,000 shares. This is most likely the first time I’ve seen a popular post have more comments than it does likes.

Image credits: stacey.lowe

Image credits: Lockabox

The couple already have a child

Image credits: stacey.lowe

Image credits: stacey.lowe

Most of us love snacking (I know I do), but it might not be the most healthy thing to do. According to Healthline, it’s best to eat snacks that are around 200 calories and have at least 10 grams of protein in them, in order for you to stay full until your next serious meal. Active people should eat around two to three snacks a day, but people who spend their entire day sitting down should go for up to just one.

The snacks that you and I should avoid are processed, high-sugar treats that will make you feel even hungrier a couple of hours down the line. Snacks like eggs and cottage cheese keep you full for hours on end, so they’re a safe bet. Just be sure to eat your cottage cheese, instead of leaving it in the fridge for 7 years.

Dear Pandas, what do you think about this Battle of the Snacks? Do you support Dave or do you think that couples should share all their snacks? What’s your favorite snack that you’d consider getting a safe for? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about this incredible situation, so write a comment down below.

This is the fridge safe the couple used

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Image credits: Amazon

Image credits: Amazon

Internet users had a lot of fun reacting to what happened

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