Trump Will Talk to Muslims (Provided They Dont Live in America)

Jesse Trump is venturing out to Saudi Arabia a few days ago to provide an inspiring speech about Islam to in excess of 50 foreign Muslim leaders. I believe Ill spread it. Ive heard Trumps inspiring words about Islam before.

Who are able to forget his finest hits like Islam hates us? Or Trumps lie that a large number of Muslim Americans cheered in Nj on 9/11, a remark that even Trumps buddy Rudy Giuliani stated was not accurate. Its keep was Trump on Fox News throughout the campaign insisting that as much as 34 percent of Muslims on the planet wish to wage fight against America, a remark crushed by fact checkers as false. (So per Trump one out of three from the Muslims he meets in Saudi is really a terrorist.)

Not to mention who are able to forget Trumps most inspiring wordshis call to ban the whole worlds Muslim population from your nation due to their belief. And also the in history Trump was saying this, he was hypocritically using the services of numerous foreign Muslims from Dubai to Indonesia.

I do not have to watch Trumps speech because Ive also seen the outcome of Trumps inspiring words. In 2015 there is a 67 percent spike in anti-Muslim hate crimes. Because the election, there’s been a truly alarming uptick in physical attacks on Muslim Americans, especially women putting on hijabs. Additionally, mosques across the nation happen to be targeted by hate, with a few being burned down.

However Trump is going to Saudi to satisfy using the royal family there along with other Muslims leaders. Funny how Trump keeps talking about America First but he’s now selected to satisfy foreign Muslim leaders before first convening an open ending up in American Muslim leaders to apologize for demonizing our community.

Even though my rage is centered on Trump, I must ask will the foreign Muslim leaders press Trump on his good reputation for hate he fond of Muslims in the usa?! If these foreign Muslim leaders truly view American Muslims his or her siblings and siblings, then prove it by openly calling out Trumps hate rather of whitewashing it. However I doubt they’ll as their geopolitical interests trump concerns for American Muslims.

While my thoughts about Trump are obvious, I wondered what my fellow American Muslims thought, and so i requested them via social networking and email.

Interestingly the initial response on Facebook was from the more youthful Muslim American who authored: Like a Muslim, Im wanting to see what he needs to say, adding when it went well it might lead him to re-think the way in which he viewed Trump.

I had been stunned. Was I so partisan which i was closing my eyes as to the a number of my fellow America Muslims were viewing like a sincere effort by Trump to reset relations with Muslims?

Well, that can be a might have been the very first comment published, it had been the final time that view was voiced. The tsunami of responses that adopted slammed Trumps hypocrisy along with the foreign Muslim leaders who’re opening their arms to Trump whilst not calling out his demonization of yankee Muslims.

The most typical response was summarized by Muslim American Will Coley, who ran for that Libertarian vice presidential nomination in 2016: Trump in room filled with dictators, tyrants, and authoritarianshe should feel at home.

Zaki Barzinji, who labored within the Federal government, echoed that sentiment:

Home of Trump wishes it had been home of Saud. Trump, he added, sees the Saudis nepotistic condition, the quashing of womens legal rights, the fomenting of xenophobic hysteria being an admirable blueprint.

Many more voiced the vista which was simply company business for Trump. Tariq Hassan mentioned candidly, This really is about one factor: business. This trip is not to with Islam. Ahmad Zahra added, Stick to the money. Trumps got personal business there and arms handles Gulf nations. It has nothing related to Islam or peace.

That view is clearly based on the details. In 2015, Ivanka Trump openly stated the Trump organization was searching to construct new hotels in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. Which week we found that Trump is on verge of closing an enormous $100 billion arms cope with the Saudis which will obviously be considered a big boost to U.S. defense contractors and our economy.

Interestingly the critique from the Muslim foreign leaders by American Muslims almost matched the slams of Trump. As comedian and activist Maysoon Zayid authored, I’d hope that Muslim leaders would check his bigotry but he is not really meeting leadershes meeting men like themself thinking about profit not prophets.

Others noted the hypocrisy of Trump lecturing the Muslim world while sitting on the soil of Saudi Arabia, probably the most repressive/extremist Muslim governments.

Its obvious the times of American Muslims holding back on criticizing foreign Muslim leaders for illiberal ideas and oppressing their very own individuals are lengthy goneand thats an excellent factor.

A couple of experts also responded, supplying more measured remarks. Shuja Nawaz, a distinguished fellow in the South Asia Core Atlantic Council, explained we’d likely only hear Trump offer clichs and generalizations. Nawaz expected little real action after Trumps speech, that they noted was precisely what happened after President Obamas famous New Beginnings speech in Cairo in 2009. Salam Al-Marayati, mind from the Muslim Public Matters Council, described the only real chance Trump has of moving beyond empty rhetoric is as simple as substantively addressing the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict and also the tragedy in Syria.

Trumps meeting in Saudi isn’t about helping Muslims, its about Trump. It’s usually about Trump. Sure, a few days ago Trump might offer lines like how he loves the Muslims, has great Muslim buddies, etc. But come next time Trump thinks it can help him politically, he’ll demonize American Muslims. And even worse, the foreign Muslim leaderssome democratically elected however, many being dictators and monarchswill likely still embrace him because like Trump they are concerned less about Muslims and much more about money.

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