These ‘Polar Opposite’ Sisters Are Going Viral After Sharing How Different Their Houses Are

Meet the dynamic duo from Detroit, sisters Alexandria Bishop and Jessica Toutant, who look nothing alike. The twosome’s currently taking Twitter by storm, all thanks to a single tweet that got more than 468,000 likes (and counting).

Alexandria uploaded some photos that show just how different her and Jessica’s sense of style is and how contrasting their homes are. “My sister and I are polar opposites,” Alexandria wrote on Twitter. In the photos, she looks serious and has dark hair and clothing. Meanwhile, Jessica smiles brighter than the sun and has rainbow-colored hair that would make even My Little Pony characters insanely jealous.

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Alexandria Bishop (right) and Jessica Toutant (left) are actually siblings. The two sisters look very different and that’s why they’ve taken Twitter by storm

Image credits: Alexandria Bishop

Image credits: Alexandria Bishop

Image credits: Alexandria Bishop

Image credits: Alexandria Bishop

Their homes are also on opposite sides of the style spectrum. Jessica’s is vivid. Colorful. Inviting. And it has an inflatable pool with a floating alicorn (that’s a winged unicorn, in case you were wondering). Alexandria’s home has a “Go Away” mat at the front door… right next to a mini-coffin.

Jessica’s home is colorful and inviting, while Alexandria’s is a bit darker but equally full of amazing stuff. Their sense of style is also radically different

Image credits: Alexandria Bishop

Image credits: Alexandria Bishop

Image credits: Alexandria Bishop

Inside, dozens of movie posters, drawings, photos, and skulls adorn her walls, plants line her windowsills, and there’s even fake ivy ‘growing’ near her door. Alexandria also owns an awesome shower curtain with a bat, plenty of geeky items, and has a cool cup collection. As you would probably expect, Jessica’s home is full of bright colors and cozy comforts.

Alexandria’s photos went viral. Immediately. Her post was retweeted more than 71,000 times and got over 2,800 comments. That’s not to mention the 8,000+ likes and 150 comments on Instagram.

Image credits: Alexandria Bishop

Image credits: Alexandria Bishop

Image credits: Alexandria Bishop

Image credits: Alexandria Bishop

According to the self-taught special effects makeup artist, body painter, sculptor and illustrator Alexandria, she had no idea her tweet would become so popular. “I was watching my nieces in Jessica’s yard today and I took a photo of her fence and decided to post it!” Alexandria told BuzzFeed. “The most surprising things go viral — I’ll never understand!”

Alexandria guessed her and Jessica being polar opposites might have something to do with their age difference — an astounding 8 years!

“Jessica and I have a pretty big age gap, so we naturally have been interested in different things,” she said to BuzzFeed. “Our style only became drastically different when we became adults and started dressing how we truly wanted.”

Image credits: Alexandria Bishop

Image credits: Alexandria Bishop

The fact is, siblings really can grow up to be opposites. Even identical twins. It’s impossible for two people — any two people — to have exactly the same experiences from the moment they’re born. Different life experiences develop distinct personalities.

According to Gerd Kempermann, a behavioral geneticist at the Dresden University of Technology and the German Center for Neurodegenerative Disease in Germany, an experiment with mice demonstrated that even genetically identical animals behave differently. These differences grow with time. So, it’s no wonder that Alexandria and Jessica’s age gap had such a profound effect on how they look and live now.

Alexandria’s tweet went viral and became immensely popular. Social media users posted plenty of comparisons in response

Image credits: Lithunium_Snow

Image credits: FlamingMercury5

Image credits: M0SCHIM0

Some Twitter users were keen to show off how different they are from their own sisters

Image credits: MccarverDawn

Image credits: HairWeave

Image credits: Konekodesu

Image credits: ariannabarrxo

Image credits: Zahra

Internet users also had plenty of hilarious comments about the sister duo from Detroit

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