There’s A Flu Symptom You Probably Never Heard Of, And This Mom Just Found It On Her Son

After 13 years of monitoring, on the 12th of January Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have announced a first-ever “widespread” of flu throughout the entire continental U.S. This season, 37 children have already died from the virus and it’s important that parents take their kids to the doctor if they suspect them of having the disease. However, it’s hard to plan a visit to the hospital if the child’s symptoms are nothing you’d expect. To raise awareness about how deceiving the flu is, Brodi Willard shared her family’s unusual story.

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When Brodi Willard’s son came home with what appeared to be hives, she didn’t think much of it


His condition, however, turned out to be much more complicated


Her post quickly went viral, generating over 215K shares and 27K reactions on Facebook


It inspired others to share their unusual stories as well







Experts claim the flu virus is constantly mutating. “That’s why we have to have a new vaccine every year,” said Senior Epidemiologist Dr. Anne O’Keefe

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