Teacher Has To Explain Her Deaf Student That Everyone Heard Him Fart And His Reaction Is Hilarious

When you think of the concerns that plague deaf people what comes to mind? According to the National Association of the Deaf, the top 5 issues are terminology in state codes, interpreter licensing, lead-K, license plate/driver’s license, and state commission. And while all of those issues have earned their top 5 spots, for one 1st grader his concern was more basic – farts.

In the post below first-grade teacher, Anna Trupiano at Kendall Demonstration Elementary School in Florida, shares the most hilarious and heartwarming story of the day she taught one of her deaf students “how farts work.” We think she deserves a teacher of the year award for this one!

Anna Trupiano is a first-grade teacher at Kendall Demonstration Elementary School, a school that teaches deaf and hard of hearing students


Image credits: Anna Trupiano

Recently Trupiano ended up teaching a hilarious lesson that was definitely not on her curriculum plan

Image credits: Anna Trupiano

People thought the story was hilarious and even told some of their own fart stories

The teacher was shocked by the number of responses


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