Study Says Over Half The People Are More Likely To Kiss Their Dogs Than Their Partners

With all of that unconditional love and loyalty dogs offer, they are no doubt the best creatures in the world. The least we can do for them is reassure them that we value their efforts. And we do. Apparently, over half of dog owners in the U.S. kiss their pets more than their partners, a new study says.

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According to a survey by Riley’s Organic, 52% of dog owners across the US are kissing their pet more than their partner

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The research was conducted by Riley’s Organics, as per, who wanted to find out just how close dog owners were to their beloved pets. After asking people across the U.S. how much TLC (tender love care) they give their furry friends, the organic dog treat company was happy to know that it was quite a lot, actually.

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This trend also continued into the respondents; sleep habits

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Out of those surveyed, 52% said they prefer to sleep in bed with their dog over their significant other

Image credits: Viktorija Gabulaitė

If these numbers surprise you, Riley’s Organics may have an explanation to tame your amazement. One of the most resounding responses came from a question about how humans see their dogs. An overwhelming ninety-four percent of pet owners said they consider their dog as one of their best friends.

No wonder people love to show their dogs so much affection. We want to be around our canine family members all the time because we adore them.

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Here’s what people said about the results

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