Person Asks What To Write His Boss After He Fires Him Via E-mail, Receives Some Savage Suggestions

Getting fired is always a horrible and awkward experience, there are few feelings worse in life than being rejected by people who found that you simply weren’t good enough. And unless the person giving the bad news is particularly sadistic it can be very difficult for them too; what kind of person enjoys looking someone in the eye and telling them that they are now unemployed?

But business is business, and there is little place for sentimentality in this dog-eat-dog world. So the boss needs to do the right thing – take the doomed employee to one side and respectfully and professionally tell it as it is.

Image credits: Robin Hastings (not the actual photo)

Some bosses can’t hack it though. They might feel guilty for treating the employee unfairly, or maybe they had developed such a good relationship that this might feel like a horrible way to end it. Or perhaps they are just spineless cowards who don’t like to experience the consequences of their decisions.

So when this anonymous employee took to Quora looking for advice on how to deal with a boss who fired them via email, they found sympathy with the occasional hilarious and often savage response.

Some people, on the other hand, thought that the method of communication is irrelevant, it is only the message that counts.

The conversation divided people, with some expressing the desire for revenge while others urged for restraint and to remain the ‘bigger person.’

People jumped in with their own experiences of getting fired remotely

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