On my radar: Jazzy Jeffs cultural highlights

The DJ and producer on Jay-Zs new album, the Philadelphia 76ers and also the great taste of blue crab

Born in West Philadelphia, DJ Jazzy Jeff continues to be spinning records since he was 10. The abilities he coded in his familys basement soon grew to become the foundation for hip-hop duo DJ Jazzy Shaun & the new Prince. In addition to winning DMC Championship and American Music awards, he was the very first hip-hop artist (along with Will Cruz) to win the very first best rap performance Grammy for Parents Just Dont Understand (1988). The particular groups second Grammy was earned for Summertime, peaking at No 4 around the Billboard Hot 100. Since that time, his work has featured in Boyz n the Hood (1991), Strange Days (1995) and Jersey Girl (2004). Will Cruz and DJ Jazzy Shaun can make their first United kingdom live show at Livewire festival on 27 August.

1 Documentary

Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon

Shep Gordon: Hes kind of like a modern-day Forrest Gump. Photograph: Dogwoof

This is about Shep Gordons life as a talent manager, the things he accomplished and the people he managed, from Michael Douglas to Sylvester Stallone. Its one of the most special documentaries Ive ever seen definitely a must watch. As a character, hes very funny, with a distinctive laugh. He talks about the passion of business, which isnt something a lot of people in the entertainment industry do, so that really stuck out. Hes kind of like a modern-day Forrest Gump: hes done a wide variety of things, youre left trying to puzzle out how this is often one persons existence.

2 Music

Jay Z: 4:44

Jay Z: You realise that someone has made a great body of work, not of a bunch of songs. Photograph: Matt Rourke/AP

I am absolutely in love with Jay Zs latest album. Hes the first artist of our time to have made an adult hip-hop album. Its very bold and daring, making music thats not specifically for the club not everything has to be for the club. What I like most about it is that I dont have a favourite song I like them all. You can almost feel that this album was made to be presented as a whole and not split up.

3 | Podcast

Mogul: The Life and Death of Chris Lighty

Chris Lighty: Mogul took a delicate situation and handled it very carefully. Photograph: Joe Kohen/Getty Images

[Music industry executive] Chris Lighty was a friend of mine, who unfortunately took his own life. This podcast delves into some of the trials and tribulations that the music industry can put on you, the stresses, and how some people cant handle those stresses. I felt it took a very delicate situation and handled it very carefully. They go through his life and his journey, how he got started, the different people he represented and the emotional connections he had with a lot of his artists. I didnt know many people who didnt like Chris Lighty; he was just a generally good guy. When he took his own life it was a shock to everybody.

4 | Food

The Crab Claw Restaurant, St Michaels, Maryland

The Crab Claw Restaurant in St Michaels, Maryland: Im that much of a fan, I break up blue crabs with my hands. Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo

Im a massive blue crab fan and in the summer I have crabs once or twice a week. Theyre pretty much from the area that I live in, from Philadelphia to Virginia. I dont use the hammers Ill just break them with my hands. When I went down to St Michaels with my wife to celebrate our anniversary, we stumbled across this restaurant right beside the water. We were the only ones in there, but it was absolutely amazing. Its a two-hour drive from my house, but if they tell me they have big crabs there Ill get in my car and drive to get them.

5 | TV

The Defiant Ones, HBO

An incredible journey: Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine. Photograph: HBO

This four-part documentary looks at [Interscope Records co-founder] Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre, their past, the way they met and just what theyve done. Jimmy was finding out how to be a sound engineer and realized he would be a producer, while Dr Dre was making legendary records. I truly enjoyed seeing the way they found sell Beats to Apple for $3bn by having an incredible journey in it. Dre and that i remain exactly the same age, so its like searching within the mirror I’d an individual connection. Hes virtually hip-hops first millionaire so we i never thought certainly one of us might get to that particular level, which means you genuinely have lots of appreciation for which hes done.

6 Sport

Philadelphia 76ers

Resurgent: Alex Poythress of the 76ers dunks the ball in a game against LA Lakers last month. Photograph: Jack Arent/NBAE/Getty Images

I am a massive Philadelphia fan, being from there, and Im incredibly excited about the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team. We’ve been very, horrible in the last couple of many its very hard when you are enthusiastic about your team. However I visit a light in the finish from the tunnel when i think we’ve most likely the very best youthful and gifted team in basketball [right now. There is a place when Id visit all the games as well as obtained a streaming device and so i could watch them after i was on tour. I did not use my season ticket much once they were losing, so Im excited to return to some games using the outlook being so vibrant.

7 Art

Justin Bua

Justin Buas art is comparable to Ernie Barness, who did legendary Marvin Gaye artwork with very exaggerated figures. Bua does lots of hip-hop artwork and that i had a piece from him known as The DJ that we thought was incredible. The dwelling from it and also the exaggeration almosts informs a tale about DJ culture. The shades are extremely vibrant and wealthy. After I see this picture I see myself.

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