Mother Throws Away Her 6 and 3 Y.O. Children’s Toys To Cure Their ‘Addiction’, And Internet Claps Back

It’s an undeniable fact that children love toys. It is believed that toys and games have a positive effect on children’s development, however, there are many parents who believe otherwise.

Take for instance a blogger named Ruth, who decided to a share a story explaining why she got rid of her children’s toys. In her article, she says she got ‘fed up’ of cleaning and re-arranging all the playthings that her 6 and 3-year-old children own, so she packed them all up and took them away. Ruth says that this idea was inspired by an incident she had during a family trip. During the trip, her daughter asked her to buy a toy. “While we were waiting to be seated, my oldest daughter Maggie spotted the Build-a-Dino Workshop in the gift shop and although we immediately said “no way,” from that moment on she could think of nothing else,” the mother writes in the article. She was very disappointed, that her child “fixated on the one thing she couldn’t have rather than the cool sights we were actually experiencing”.

Ruth claims that she noticed a difference in her children’s behavior 4 weeks later, when her children stopped asking her to buy things. “Had I not experienced it with my own eyes, I would’ve never believed that an addiction to stuff could be broken that quickly, ” she says. While she insists that this approach brought many positive benefits, not everybody agrees that it’s the right approach. After reading Ruth’s blog, a couple of Tumblr users were completely horrified by the situation and explained why no one should ever do this to their children. Read the comments below and tell us in the comments which side are you on!

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After a blogger named Ruth shared an article “Why I took my kids’ toys away (& why they won’t get them back)” tumblr users decided to explain why no one should ever do this to their children


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 Tell us in the comments which side are you on!

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