Meet The Unluckiest Woman On The Internet, And Prepare To Laugh Your Ass Off

We all have stubbed our toes on the table leg or slipped while getting out of the bath, but Reddit user TheFlyingPigSquadron takes daily failures to a whole new level. About a year ago, the Scottish woman shared her story on the internet where it all started with a simple hair washing and ended up in the ER. It’s no secret that many a panda gets into trouble now and then, but this lady seems to meet misfortune at every other turn. Maybe she walked under a ladder or smashed a mirror on her way to the bathroom? Read down below to find out how she ended up with a fractured ankle, a split head, and in a wheelchair to have a good laugh and, hopefully, avoid a similar fate as this unfortunate gal.


Image credits: Vjeran Pavic (not an actual photo)

Redditor TheFlyingPigSquadron shared her tragic, yet hilarious shower incident on the internet


But the story doesn’t end there as the woman’s adventures (and misfortunes) continue…


We’re glad that at least her doctor took proper precautions from any further incidents as this woman seems to get herself in trouble at every turn!


Internet was captivated by her stories and demanded more, and apparently, there was more


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