Man On Plane Calls His Seatmate A ‘Smelly Fatty,’ Probably Wishes He Hadn’t

Many suffer from body shaming but one woman has just claimed that she had to endure it while on a plane. By a man sitting next to her. “Before I knew it, I could feel hot, salty tears coming down my face,” Savannah Phillips wrote on Facebook. She said she was stuck there, crying because of the humiliation she couldn’t escape from. The whole incident, however, took an unexpected turn when another passenger intervened to help her. It was a bar manager, Chase Irwin. Scroll down to read how everything unfolded in Savannah’s own words and learn why she considers Irwin a hero!

More info: Facebook

Savannah Phillips has been on airplanes for the last three weeks, but this flight was the worst of all of them



This is how Savannah’s hero, Chase Irwin, saw it



‘I do feel a little more beautiful today’

Watch the video below to see how grateful Savannah really is

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