Man Gets Revenge On Coworker Who Ruined His Promotion

You might be an immoral asshole, that’s your choice. But if you choose this path, bear in mind that some people might (rightfully) retaliate. And if they’re really fed up with your shit, their vengeance can be so brutal, you’ll end up rethinking all of your life choices. But even though this avenger got back at his wrong-doer in style, some are saying that he may have put innocent people in danger along the way, too.

Everything started when reddit user riderfan07 was in a race for a promotion. One of his colleagues, however, interfered. After he wasn’t allowed to climb the ladder, the guy had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to make his coworker pay for “fu*king with his career.” Scroll down to check out how everything ended and tells us in the comments if you think the whole thing was reckless or not.

Everything started when reddit user riderfan07 was in a race for a promotion. One of his colleagues, however, interfered

Some people praised these actions

But others didn’t like them so much

What do you think?

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