I Create Comics To Brighten Up My Days And I Hope It Can Brighten Up Yours (52 Pics)

Hello, I am Eckyo! I am an artist and also an online drawing teacher. I started this comic project about positive words because I believe that the words you say to yourself become your mindset. And a good and strong mindset is a very powerful energy.

All these positive words in my comics are very important to me and I hope these positive vibes can help others too like they help me going through my life.


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Grateful Heart

Let’s start the day!

Not To Quit

When bad things happen in our lives, we get tired and feel hopeless. Don’t give up, my friend. Learn to rest and start again.

The Key to Happiness

Happiness apparently is a choice. I know it’s easier said than be done. I am still learning and this comic is also a reminder to myself.

Your Hero Is Yourself

Why not?

Just A Little Each Day

Laziness is an enemy. When it hit me, I try to do something towards my goal, even though just a little bit…it’s better than nothing. Trust me.

Find A Way

Every time we hit the rock bottom, try to find a way to go up again.

Heal Your Wound

I am trying to focus my energy on the other useful things than just dwelling in my sadness. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail. But keep trying!


Don’t waste your time and energy on negativity, guys. Move forward.

Louder Than Words

Good action will bring us to another level.

Prove Them Wrong

The best satisfaction of them all. I am still working on it!

Enjoy The Ride

Be more patience with everything in our lives and enjoy the moments.

Do Good

I believe in karma. Good kitty!

Peace of Mind

Yup, sometimes it’s important to not care about everything…for our sanity.

Get Stronger

Life is never easy. I know it, You know it, We all know it.

No Doubt

I need more power!

I Choose

Many people in my life doubted about what I do. That’s alright because that means more power for me. Go-go-go!

Simple Things

…it’s also the sweetest things.

My Favorite

The beauty of falling in love…

Use The Brain.

Hey, Brain! Where are you?!

Enjoy More

After the hectic day, a cup of warm tea and a book is the best.

Good Personality

It is what it is!

Train Your Mind

My mind is still in training, guys. Wish me luck!

Don’t Give Up

One of my favorite words. Increase the effort!

Be Happy

I know in this digital world, everything seems glowing and attractive. But it’s very important to be happy with what we have while pursuing the goals in our life.

The Good

So, I hope you enjoy my comics and…focus on the good, my friend!



Yup, stronger than you think.

All I want

All I want is you!

Thinking of you

My own happiness

Stand out

Just perfect

Don’t give up

Yellow birdie is back!

Quality not quantity

Circle of love!

Find the way


The one and only

Let’s start

Just be yourself

Stay strong

No more afraid of my own shadow

Old flame

Never ever!

Laugh and feel loved

Life is too short to spend with the wrong people.

You deserve it

Stay positive

You can win! Don’t lose!

Do sweet efforts

Try to observe

Just focus on your goals

Got it

Create opportunities

Build your strength

Everything grows you

Keep on fighting and never give up on your future.

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