I Capture The Life Of A Little Mouse Who Was Rescued From Cat’s Mouth

During his first days alive, Fridolin didn’t have the start a little mouse could wish for. Before he was even able to open his eyes, he and his mother found themselves in the mouth of a cat. While his beloved Mum did not survive the attack, the little guy got dropped by the cat and landed on the floor. Fortunately, a kid witnessed what happened and rescued Fridolin. Since that day, everything changed. Some lovely humans became a new family for the little mouse and spoiled him with a hot-water bottle and special milk while giving him a new home. Fridolin grew fast and made the best of his second chance at life.

I was allowed to take photos of him two times. Once, before he was even able to open his eyes and the second time, when he had already grown a little bit.

Sometimes life gives us a new chance and Fridolin shows that it is up to us how we use it.

Be like Fridolin: Enjoy the little things in life and take some time to smell the flowers.

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Grooming time

Fridolin enjoying the warm sun

That is more comfortable than it looks

Oh, that’s fluffy!

Time for a little nap!

Am I the cutest?

I need more muscles!

I can smell summer

Do you see me?

That’s a big hill

Tired after the shooting

Sleepy baby

Flowers for everyone!

Let’s discover this flower

That’s tasty

Tightrope walking

Bed of Flowers

Hey there, I’m Fridolin

The ground is so far away!

Again a tired little Fridolin

Mommy, where is my milk?

Upside Down

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