Cops ‘completely terrified’ after discovering ‘IT’ balloons on sewer grates

Even cops fear so much clowns.

Police in Lilitz, Pennsylvania were under pleased to locate a local prankster “promoting” the approaching discharge of Stephen King’s novel switched horror flick, IT.

Within the film, Pennywise the clown lurks around a little Maine town’s sewers, snatching children, and departing red balloons associated with sewer grates. Based on the cops, they found numerous red balloons associated with sewer grates within their sleepy, village on Tuesday.

“We give points for creativeness, however we would like the neighborhood prankster to understand that people were completely afraid once we removed these balloons in the grates so we professionally request they don’t do this again,” law enforcement authored on Facebook.

Balloons were spotted associated with sewer grates in Australia along with a message promoting the show, however the balloons in Pennsylvania put together without messages tying these to the show, which makes it even creepier.

The cops requested the prankster not repeat their actions.

The initial publish received lots of attention, therefore the police adopted track of a photograph assertive inside a red clown wig dusting this balloon mechanism for prints.&nbsp

“Now because of prevalent attention from coast to coast and intense public scrutiny and outcry, we’ve switched the analysis to our Criminal Investigations Division for more analysis and prosecution of the individual(s), errr ah, ‘thing’ responsible,” the cops jokingly authored on Facebook.&nbsp

As the current clown hysteria is funny, it will come only a year after “killer clowns” dominated headlines in America.&nbsp

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