98 ‘They Didn’t Realize I Spoke Their Language’ Stories

Your friend and you get lost in a crowd. Abroad, far away from home. You’re different and you can feel it. This feeling grows into a sense of superiority and you and your friend begin talking louder and louder, discussing everyone around you, even making fun of their foreign way of life. You toss in a few fu*king curse words to make it juicier and right then, when you least expect it, a random passer-by responds in your mother-tongue. Damn it! You forgot that the world is smaller than ever with cheap flights and even cheaper rooms covering most of it. You try to think of an explanation but you can’t so you just lower your head and burn in shame. But the person who caught you feels victorious, after all, they served justice and that’s worth bragging about. So they do. Here are some of the best “they didn’t realize I spoke their language” lines that multilingual people have ever posted online.

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