5 Times Lyrics Where Improvised

I feel ashamed at times when I mumble the lyrics of songs. It’s because of one thing: I don’t know the lyrics and is accustomed to the rhythm. However, I don’t have the confidence to show this to a large crowd. I’ll prefer to destroy the song quietly and no one knows.

That’s not the case for some people. They’ll rather go ahead and flaunt their inefficiencies.

I doff my hat to the following. Enjoy

1. The Ken Lee performance of Valentina Hasan

If you’re wondering what the song is, see below.


2. The Wiggle Song


3. Logan Paul Skit


4. All of me by Berenice


This last one has got a bit of liking to it though. Not really bad lyrics but converted lyrics.

5. Vennu Mallesh’s ‘It’s My Life’ Version

If you’ve got any worse that the above, leave a comment below.

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