45 Times Tourists Traveled To See Their Favorite Places But Got Disappointed

We love taking a few snaps while on holiday, keeping memories alive and sharing our experiences in the world’s most beautiful and fascinating places with our friends. Good travel photographs capture the very essence of a destination; whether it be glorious landscapes, colorful culture, architecture, history or local cuisine.

We celebrate amazing travel photography and rightly so, but what about the times when it all goes wrong? Those hilarious occasions when people have traveled across the world and completely failed to share its beauty in a photograph, times when they would’ve found more culture in their local supermarket than that blurry pic of the pyramids. This list of disappointing travel photos is funny for its self-awareness; these people understand the irony of traveling thousands of miles to see something that just happens to be cloaked in fog or undergoing repairs.

Scroll down below to see a collection of the very worst travel pics ever taken, and share your own in the comments!

After Our 9 Hour Car Ride, This Is The Picture My Mom Took Of Us At Mt. Rushmore.

Image credits: ZimbleGoat

Drove 1 1/2 Hours Out Of Our Way To See Mount Rushmore. It Was Foggy When We Got There.

Image credits: reddit.com

I Also Drove 3 Hours Out Of The Way To See Mt. Rushmore

Image credits: peachyypit

4 Days Of Trekking Through Mud To Machu Picchu Resulted In This Glorious View

Image credits: JSlasha88

Planned A Dream Trip To China. This Is What The Great Wall Looked Like.

Image credits: zgroh96

I Drove 21 Hours To Mount Rainier, And It Was Cloaked In Fog For Days.

Image credits: allybearound

Climbed To The Top Of Mt Fuji To See Sunrise At 0430, But It Was Foggy And Wet And Cold

Image credits: 0801013

The Spectacle That Is Mount Rushmore.

Image credits: everyonelovsray

Here In Sweden You Don’t Need To Go To A Beautiful Place To Get The View Ruined By Fog. The Damn Thing Hunts You Down Instead.

Image credits: thepolicemetallica

Not Mount Rushmore, But I Woke Up At 3am And Hiked Up Machu Picchu To Be There At Sunrise…

Image credits: ranzprinzessin

Went Out Of My Way To Visit Crater Lake

Image credits: reddit.com

Drove All The Way From Southern California To See The Golden Gate Bridge.

Image credits: SilentPear

This Is Why Selfie Sticks Were Invented

Image credits: ais4aron

I Saved Up My Entire Life For A Dream Trip To Mt Fuji. Here’s The Best Photo From It.

Image credits: brunhilda1

Well There’s No Fog This Time But Construction Has Now Foiled Us

Image credits: YKMR3000

Took A 6 Hour Coach Journey To See The View From Hitler’s Eagles Nest (Bavaria, Germany)

Image credits: the_englishman

My Trip To The Grand Canyon

Image credits: LoudMusic

I Flew 10+ Hours To See Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Image credits: HurleyFerk

4 And A Half Hour Hike, The Smoke Came When We Got To The Top.

Image credits: reddit.com

Mt. Everest View At A Peak In Nepal

Image credits: ankitkrofficial

Mnt Fuji Everyone. Took A Two Hour Train To The Wrong Stop. Missed A Train And Wade It To Mnt Fuji. Was Not Disappointed

Image credits: Xavier9404

Traveled Thousands Of Miles To See The Big Ben.

Image credits: yestoprivacy

8 Hour Flight, 5 Weeks Of Anticipation, And An Hour Long Bus Ride To See The Cliffs Of Moher. Fog Had Other Plans.

Image credits: The_Greatest_Mate

I Went On A Three Week Trek Around Mt. Manaslu In The Himalayas. Part Of It Peeked Through The Clouds One Time…

Image credits: snekfarm

It’s Not Mount Rushmore Or Machu Picchu, But This Was Our View Of The Grand Canyon After Coming Down From Canada

Image credits: heeeresjohnny123

Went To The Top Of Mt Pilatus In Lucerne, It Was Cloudy…

Image credits: hyzerhuck1989

Mt Fuji In Tokyo Was On My Bucket List Unfortunately It Was Foggy… Left The Next Day Dissapointed In Life.

Image credits: lapinatanegra

I Drove 1 And A Half Hours To See The “Best Sun Set In The World” And It Was Cloudy

Image credits: reddit.com

I Was Finally Able To Take Some Paid Leave, Worth Every Penny!! 😭😭😭

Image credits: buzzkill-lightyear

When You Go To London To See Big Ben.

Image credits: E_AD

I Finally Got To See The Golden Gate Bridge Today.

Image credits: imgur.com

To The Guy Who Finally Got To See The Golden Gate Bridge: This Is Me Experiencing The Grand Canyon

Image credits: kimuljhame

Hiked 4 Days To See Machu Picchu

Image credits: iBoy21

My Trip To The Edge Of The Grand Canyon A Few Years Ago. Once In A Lifetime Event.

Image credits: MrFiendish

My Parents Got To Visit Mt. Rushmore Today For The First Time. The View Is Spectacular!

Image credits: HoneyBadgeSwag

Went To Visit Casa Batlló In Barcelona.

Image credits: KarmaCollider

My Trip To Mount Rushmore Last Year.

Image credits: parkourgamer

The Time I Flew 13 Hours To See The Great Wall

Image credits: Shark-Farts

Flew To Another Continent To Watch The Glacier 3000, Cant Say Worth It

Image credits: aneminemfan

I Flew Into Colorado Today Then The First Thing I Did Was Climb Mount Quandary, This Was The View From The Top

Image credits: thefoodieat

Flew 9,000 Miles To Climb Adams Peak At 2:30am For The Legendary Sunrise. Amazing View.

Image credits: hereforthecomments1

8 Hour Flight, 5 Weeks Of Anticipation, And An Hour Long Bus Ride To See The Cliffs Of Moher. Fog Had Other Plans.

Image credits: The_Greatest_Mate

Flew 6,000 Km’s To See The Night Watch …

Image credits: ChrisRandy416

Saw The Post About Traveling 2 Hours To A Foggy-Mount Fuji… I Raise You “Traveled 10 Hours To The Grand Canyon”

Image credits: newcrystalgem

Traveled All The Down To See The Golden Gate Bridge And This Is What I Got

Image credits: Dankious-Memious

Traveled​ To Wittenberg, Germany In 2011. The Door Martin Luther Nailed The 95 Thesis Too Was Being Restored.

Image credits: Trowj

I Drove 13.5 Hrs To Get To The Grand Canyon As Part Of My Solo Road Trip, Only To Find Out There Was A Huge Snowstorm There:/

Image credits: reddit.com

My Environmental Science Class Went On A Field Trip This Is The View We Got After An Hour Of Driving Then About 45 Minutes Of Hiking

Image credits: cb-bones

Went To Mount Rushmore ….

Image credits: hollowsinchris

I Live In Texas Where I Do Not Get To See The Ocean A Lot. I Was Excited To Go On A Business Trip To Santa Barbara And See Sunny California. I Supposedly Came The One Week Out Of The Year It Rains.

Image credits: nuttyjumper

I See Your Trip To Mt. Rushmore And Raise You Our Trip To Mt. Vesuvius

Image credits: marcSuile

Following Up To One Of The Posts Here: My Trip To Mount Vesuvius Back In 2016.

Image credits: limeralism

Saw A Foggy Mount Rushmore, I Give You Foggy Grand Canyon – 6 Hour Drive One Way, Even Took The Expensive And Touristy Train From The Town To The Rim

Image credits: devonimo

My Amazing View Of The Grand Canyon

Image credits: MrMelonMatthew

Went On An 8 Hour Bus Ride (Each Way) From Las Vegas To The Grand Canyon In The Winter. This Is My Best Photo.

Image credits: tenaciousPotat0

Drove 6 Hours To See The Grand Canyon Today.

Image credits: reddit.com

Went To The Grand Canyon For Valentine’s Day. It Was Awesome…

Image credits: otp1144

After 37 Years Of Begging To Go, 3 Connecting Flights With 7 Hours Layover Each, A Stomach Bug, One Lost Tooth And A Bruised Thigh, This Is The Picture My Cousin Ralph Took Of Me At Mt. Rushmore.

Image credits: NintendoTheGuy

Some Friends Went To See Mt Rushmore. This Is What They Got.

Image credits: provocanyon

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