28 Before & After Bedroom Photos Of People Who Suffer From Depression

There is still a variable amount of stigma when it comes to conversations about mental health – especially in the case of depression where many just oversimplify the symptoms to “being sad.” The symptoms of depression take many forms and can be misinterpreted by others as being “lazy” when in reality the mental toll is so debilitating that a simple task – such as cleaning one’s room – becomes overwhelming.

Unlike getting a cold, depression is not just a sickness you can kick, but people can find ways to make life a bit easier with medication and therapy. Getting a handle on depression can lead to various results and for many, it is cleaning up their “depression nest.” Bored Panda has curated the following list of before and after bedroom cleanup pictures from depression sufferers, that showcase some truly inspiring battles against this illness.

This is gross, but after years of depression, I’ve finally cleaned my room

Image credits: Winchsetr

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