22 Cameras That Captured Important Moments In History

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Some pictures, however, are worth at least a million. I’m talking about photographs that nearly everyone recognizes and that will forever be etched into our shared history. Even though these legendary photos might be known by all, far from everyone knows about the superstar photographers who took them. Even less know about the cameras they used to capture history in the making. Buckle up, amigos, you’re about to become photography buffs!

Malcolm Browne / Petri

Nick Ut / Leica M3

Joe Rosenthal / Speed Graphic

Yevgeny Khaldei / Leica III

Steve McCurry / Nikon FM2

Dorothea Lange / Graflex Super D

Alfred Eisenstaedt / Leica IIIa

Alberto Korda / Leica M2

Jeff Widener / Nikon FE2

Eddie Adams / Leica M4

Lyle Owerko / Fuji 645zi

William Anders / modified Hasselblad 500 EL

Iain Macmillan / Hasselblad

Sam Shere / Speed Graphic

John Filo / Nikkormat

Paul Goresh / Minolta XG-1

Josef Koudelka / Exacta Varex

Yasushi Nagao / Speed Graphic

Robert Jackson / Nikon S3

Stanley Forman / Nikon F

Stanley Forman / Nikon F

Robert Capa / Contax II

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