2019 Pooping Dog Calendar Is Here, And It’s The Shittiest Calendar We’ve Ever Seen

Sometimes things just need no further explanation, they do exactly what it says on the tin. The 2019 ‘Pooping Pooches’ calendar is a great example of this, it is simply a calendar which features various breeds of dog laying some cable in a picturesque setting.

Anyone can enter their own defecating dog into the photo competition for a coveted place in the yearly calendar, and $1 from every calendar sold is donated to the Maui Humane Society, so it’s a gag gift with a good cause!

This year’s edition features a French Bulldog, Jack Russell Terrier, Weimaraner, Beagle, Labrador, Treeing Walker Coonhound and more, so if you want to get your secret santa gifts in early you can grab a copy for yourself here, hot off the press! Scroll down below to check out what in store poop-wise next year, and let us know what you think in the comments!

More info: Website | Facebook | Etsy

(h/t: design you trust)

The 2019 Pooping Pooches calendar is here and it doesn’t disappoint!











Here’s what pooping beauties have been on the covers before:

The calendars really make great gifts!

Image credits: artood2q

Image credits: meltheinnovativewatermel

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