123 Times Restaurant Designers Failed Miserably

Most people are oblivious to their own mistakes, but they can spot someone else doing something wrong from a faraway distance. It’s the same with restaurants: if you’re the owner, you probably think your place is great, but if you’re a customer, then you’ll most likely notice everything that’s wrong with the place in a jiffy. And sometimes restaurants mess up so badly without realizing it that customers can’t help but snap a picture and upload it to the popular ‘Crappy Designs’ subreddit.

For your perusing pleasure, here are the worst of the worst, the crème de la crème of horribly bad restaurant designs. We hope you like design fails as much as we do, so please enjoy this list in its entirety, click on the upvote button next to fails that you think are worth it, and remember to share with your friends.

You can find more of Bored Panda’s captivating lists about crappy designs and design fails here, here, here, here, here, and here. And here’s one more. So make some popcorn (and save some for us!) because there are plenty of designs to look at and make fun of!

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#1 This Painting Inside A Local “Fancy” Restaurant

Image credits: hotdogfinatic

#2 This Really “Artsy” Mirror At A Fancy Restaurant

Image credits: TheCasualJedi

#3 Polish Restaurant – Three Cooks…

Image credits: QuiZr

Bored Panda had previously reached out to the ‘Crappy Design’ subreddit’s moderators to learn a bit more about the community.

“The original motivation for the subreddit was to point out crappy designs. Nowadays, most subscribers probably come here for entertainment,” the subreddit’s team told Bored Panda. “However, it is common to have meaningful discussion here on why or why not something is crappy design.”

#4 Front Desk At Restaurant In Northern Virginia

Image credits: Oc70b3r

#5 Wall Painting, That Included Shutterstock Watermark. Took This Photo In Some Cafe In Vietnam

Image credits: korneplod_turneps

#6 “Lets Just Make Our Plates Look Like They Haven’t Been Washed In 4 Years”

Image credits: RCoder01

The community’s moderators also said that “the subreddit was created 8 years ago. Currently, there are 1.7 million subscribers with over 2 million page views per month. It is very popular.” At the time of the interview, the community was indeed 1.7 million people strong; since then, however, it has grown to a whopping 1.8 million followers!

#7 A Restaurant In Sicily That Just Ruined My Childhood

Image credits: oddmatter

#8 This Is The Logo For A “New York Style” Pizza Place In Ponce, Pr

Image credits: noel-13

#9 Anyone Want Some Thai Food?

Image credits: ItsAllenPalin

The Balance writes that there are several things you can do to improve your restaurant’s interior layout and design. For example, when thinking of how many seats you want to squash into your restaurant, you should aim for a golden balance between profit and atmosphere.

#10 This Restaurant In London (Waiters Love It)

Image credits: September89

#11 Menu At A Local Restaurant

Image credits: Zargaith94

#12 This Disastrous Thing In A German Restaurant

Image credits: EasyChoiceYT

Furthermore, some tables are naturally considered to be ‘bad’ if they’re near the main entrance, the bathrooms or the kitchen; partitions, plants or even screens can help improve the situation.

#13 Bathroom Mirror At A Bar In Italy

Image credits: lavitaetroppobreve

#14 The Design Of These Plates At A Restaurant Makes It Look Like They Are Dirty

Image credits: Jetwynn

#15 I Love Eating At Restaurant Logo Here

Image credits: vaguevisibility

Cleanliness in restaurant bathrooms should be one of the top priorities, as should be good air conditioning and pleasant music to keep your customers comfortable. However, even these helpful tips might not be enough to hide serious design fails in some restaurants.

#16 Lights In Restaurant Look Like Dangling Condoms

Image credits: fiirebolte

#17 This Indian Restaurant Was In A Basement, But Wanted To Created The Sense That It Wasn’t. They Created An Entire Wall Of Fake Windows Looking Out Into Pictures Of A Parking Lot

Image credits: JoffreyGoldblum

#18 Seen In A Restaurant In Texas

Image credits: Kissyface248

#19 This Bowl My Friend’s Dinner Came In

Image credits: reddit.com

#20 One Of My Favorite Restaurants. I Hate To Put Them On Blast, But This Is Too Good Not To Share. The Restaurant Is Called Let’s Do Greek!”

Image credits: steverin0724

#21 This Restaurant Wraps Their Menu Around A Wooden Stick… There Was Absolutely No Explanation Or Purpose To It

Image credits: jookz

#22 French Restaurant Menu

Image credits: truffs1010

#23 This Restaurant’s Sign Uses Both Papyrus And Comic Sans

Image credits: cromonolith

#24 Sewerage Pipe Running Through A Restaurant! The Meal And Staff Were Lovely, Just Couldn’t Get Over The Sound Of Poo Running Past Every Couple Of Minutes

Image credits: madboater

#25 Upscale Restaurant Washroom In London

Image credits: nabeshiniii

#26 This Restaurant Uses Semi-Transparent Frosted Glass For Its Bathroom Stalls

Image credits: futuremistakes

#27 This Trash Can At The Bar Is A Box For A Trash Can

Image credits: captainkman

#28 The Stylization On This Carl’s Jr Makes It Look Like It Got A One Star Rating

Image credits: Super_Zac

#29 No, This Picture Isnt Blurry… The Menu Is

Image credits: xXxM0RPH3USxXx

#30 Ate At A Local Restaurant

Image credits: Nopeasuoli

#31 At An Italian Restaurant….

Image credits: EvilM0nkey

#32 Lets Just Put The Urinal Next To Where The Door Opens So Everyone In The Restaurant Can Watch Me Take A Piss

Image credits: yoeyz

#33 Shitting With A View – Restaurant In Germany

Image credits: postkasten

#34 Bathroom With An Audience At A Chinese Restaurant

Image credits: OutsideStation

#35 This Door In A Restaurant I Went To

Image credits: bloxxor44

#36 This Statue At An Italian Restaurant

Image credits: Kahviaddiktio

#37 Stairs To The Ceiling In Restaurant In Turkey..

Image credits: sadnerva

#38 A Bar I Go To Never Cleans The Dripped Candle Wax

Image credits: kiwimark

#39 This Restaurant Just Has A Framed Picture Where A TV Used To Be

Image credits: tommyjoe2

#40 The Modern Art In This Mexican Restaurant Is Just Breathtaking

Image credits: acm44

#41 Walked Into A Chinese Restaurant. Found This In The Bathroom

Image credits: cannasos74

#42 This Menu At Cereal Killer Cafe, London

Image credits: TazmanianDevi1

#43 This Light I Found At A Restaurant Has A Swastika Hiding Inside It

Image credits: Baelgul

#44 This “Chandelier” In A Latvian Pub

Image credits: imgur.com

#45 All Plates At This Restaurant Have This Pattern That Resembles A Single Human Hair Stuck At The Edge

Image credits: 7-methyltheophylline

#46 No Alcohol Beyond This Point

Image credits: Buttons_Magee

#47 Stopped In Wisconsin Today… And I’d Rather Not

Image credits: Skwonkie_

#48 Table For One Please

Image credits: imgur.com

#49 The “Crappy Design” Mother Lode

Image credits: jakeninja

#50 At A Bar. Almost Madea Terrible Mistake

Image credits: potatohead657

#51 This Nutella Cafe In Bali.

Image credits: sambianchetto

#52 When A Trendy Restaurant Attempts To Reinvent The Bathroom Tap…

Image credits: mcwingstar

#53 This Restaurant’s First Letter Is K, So They Put That Letter In Each Of The Windows…

Image credits: MercurySG3M

#54 Went To Go To The Bathroom At A Local Restaurant And Found A Literal “Crappy Design”

Image credits: FritoMatt

#55 This Sign Is In A Hallway By The Bathroom. It’s The Mascot For A Restaurant In Tampa

Image credits: clownfart123

#56 This Clock I Saw At A Restaurant

Image credits: IShouldSleepAlready

#57 You Can See Into The Toilet Room From Outside The Door At This Restaurant

Image credits: eamesheard

#58 Simple Impeccable Water Flow With This Restaurants Bathroom Sink

Image credits: kyranvulpes

#59 Spotted In A Nice Restaurant In Stockholm

Image credits: sealysikes

#60 This Sign Outside Of A Restaurant

Image credits: Sxpl

#61 Poor Taste At A Sushi Restaurant In Kansas City

Image credits: dftitterington

#62 This Giant Lampshade Was Above Our Table At A Restaurant, We Thought It Looked Like An Arsehole

Image credits: lolihull

#63 Mexican Restaurant In Salt Lake City. Scared The Crap Out Of Me When I Opened The Door

Image credits: benkinney

#64 This Sign Makes It Look Like Its Quoting A Fire Extinguisher

Image credits: TronaldPalmer

#65 The Lighting On These Menus

Image credits: eeerin

#66 Why Do They Make You Climb Up Into These Booths? Why Are There Barriers?

Image credits: laurenlongmusic

#67 I Don’t Think They Understand How This Works

Image credits: wordboy107

#68 The Wendy’s Restaurant In Beaver, Utah Got A New Sign

Image credits: Somnioblivio

#69 These Images Give Me Anxiety Everytime I Visit This Cafe. There Are 4 More

Image credits: jshannow

#70 The Decorations On This Hotel Restaurant

Image credits: Rawrnosaur

#71 Found This Masterpiece At A Local Restaurant

Image credits: Ysoshes

#72 This Image In The Restaurant Will Haunt Me Forever

Image credits: David_Trancon

#73 Two Different Restaurants. No Affiliation. Located Just Up Ahead

Image credits: Your_Local_Engineer

#74 This Chopstick At A Sushi Restaurant

Image credits: Pedri_Vieira

#75 In A Chinese Restaurant

Image credits: POOTISSWAG

#76 The Bathroom Walls In A King’s Restaurant

Image credits: 2tonerevolution

#77 I’m Concerned About Health Standards In This Restaurant

Image credits: SamwiseGamg33

#78 Seen At A Restaurant In A 5-Star Hotel In Los Angeles

Image credits: DackJ

#79 This Restaurant’s Logo That Looks Like A Health Grade

Image credits: drobinow

#80 The Salt And Pepper Shakers At My Restaurant Job, Not Only Is There No Way To Tell Which One Is Which From The Outside, But The Only Way To Refill Them Is From A Rubber Butt Plug In The Bottom, Which Means You Have To Turn Them Upside Down And Get Stuff Everywhere

Image credits: DuckImFyslexic

#81 A Restaurant Name In Comic Sans. On A Building. Enjoy

Image credits: trashure

#82 This Restaurant’s Menu Has Pictures Of Their Kids Everywhere And Misspellings That I Can’t Understand For The Life Of Me

Image credits: gadget593andahalf

#83 Truly Inspirational Wall Design In A Local Restaurant

Image credits: ThatGuyThere16

#84 Bathroom Sign At A Restaurant In Swansea

Image credits: tyw7

#85 Staying At A Hotel And This Is On The Ceiling In The Hotel Restaurant. Had To Ask One Of The Waitresses What It Meant

Image credits: The-501

#86 The Door In The Bathroom Of This Restaurant Is Made Of Glass

Image credits: Akykef

#87 Guess What This Restaurant Is Called (Ping Pong)

Image credits: sebargh

#88 What If The Restaurant’s Name Is Sample Text?

Image credits: Queen117

#89 Braille Is A Language For The Blind, But It’s Not Like They Have Working Eyes To Read It With… This Restaurant My Bil Went To Didn’t Get It

Image credits: NotObsoleteIfIUseIt

#90 Plates At Japanese Restaurant Look Dirty When They’re Clean

Image credits: _Charbroiled

#91 This Plate I Got At A Restaurant

Image credits: woah_LookAtThat

#92 The Designer For This Restaurant’s Bathroom Clearly Forgot About The Existence Of Curious Children

Image credits: readycent

#93 This Sign For A New Mongolian Restaurant

Image credits: Foobar85

#94 Went To A Fairly New Restaurant, Bathrooms Were Nice Apart From The Sinks, It Was Real Rust

Image credits: Shumaa1

#95 This Multi-Screen Setup In A Restaurant

Image credits: Cello_There_

#96 This Soap Dispenser Above The Trash Can In A Local Restaurant

Image credits: 0rl3

#97 These Slanted Glasses At A Restaurant

Image credits: SlashDiddy

#98 This Urinal In A Restaurant

Image credits: OMGitscarl

#99 Disgusting Restaurant Tiles

Image credits: Kaghiti

#100 Hey, Let’s Make Our Restaurant Tables Tile, Food Particles Totally Won’t Get Stuck Between The Edges And Be Impossible To Clean

Image credits: MegaBurrito91

#101 Crappy Design? Bathroom At Restaurant Carpeted

Image credits: wolfwitwings

#102 These Tables At A Restaurant That Will Destroy Your Kneecaps

Image credits: NavicNick

#103 Is Diet Ice Better For You?

#104 Saw This At A Local Mexican Restaurant… I Think I’ll Wait

Image credits: CarnivorousBeaver

#105 This Is What I Have To Look At While Eating At McDonald’s

Image credits: pretzelzetzel

#106 The Fork And Knife At This Restaurant Are Very Awkward

Image credits: Fishstixxx16

#107 Clearly Missing The Point Of A Digital Menu

Image credits: skryb

#108 Nice Tile Job

Image credits: klashl1

#109 This Bar Put Up A Braille Sign In Lights

Image credits: eclectronic

#110 In Oakville At A Chinese Szechuan Restaurant. Both Fascinated And Confused By The Men’s Washroom Setup

Image credits: sabu.ca

#111 This Restaurant Sign Isn’t Centered

Image credits: tfnydm

#112 Sports Bar’s Undue Effort

Image credits: goodland05

#113 This Cocktail Lounge I Went To Has Bars Of Soap Mounted To The Wall In The Bathroom

Image credits: megatron51

#114 No Extended Bar And Uncomfortable Stools

Image credits: moretodolater

#115 Clearly A Tall Man Designed This Bathroom

Image credits: itsatimeywineything

#116 I Can’t Get Service?

Image credits: AJD20033

#117 The Slightly Sexist Toilet Doors In A Restaurant In Germany

Image credits: DerKeks68

#118 This Was Hanging In The Bathroom In The Restaurant I Ate At Tonight. Only In China…

Image credits: thethriftytrekker

#119 I’m Glad Restaurants Are Starting To Recognize My Social Place In This World

Image credits: CL4P-TRAP

#120 Sinks I Found In A Bar

Image credits: euan2626

#121 This Sign With The Name Of The Bar

Image credits: Non-ExistentUsername

#122 Toilet Door Design In A Birmingham, UK Bar.

Image credits: ThisIsWallii

#123 Not Sure Wether I‘M At A Restaurant Or A Gay Bar…

Image credits: Criminalpeacocks

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